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We Offer You Many Ways To Live a Successful Lifestyle

Digemart is a decentralized marketplace. A convenient destination for people to discover, buy and sell items

Buy any kind of product with crypto

Use any network of your choice

Have your product delivered at your doorstep

Nothing to buy? Sell on Digemart

Set up your online store

Promote your business to reach customers anywhere in the world

Earn in crypto

Another Tremendous Way

Skillpay is a decentralized freelancing platform were user can earn cryptocurrency with their skill and sell their templates, books, and softwares.

Choose any job category in tech

Get recent job updates

Freelance without stress

Get paid with crypto

Not hunting for job? employ

Enlist your requirements and attract freelancers in tech

Pay with crypto


Your decentralized marketplace


Earn with your Skills in Crypto

We Will Handle All You Need

Our vision is a growing and thriving economy for Crypto and non-crypto users.

Crypto Payment

A one-stop online shopping mall where cypto users can purchase any product directly with cryptocurrency without having to convert to fiat.


Privacy is hard-wired into blockchain which keeps our user transactions totally anonymous, hides information about recipients, senders, and transaction values.

All Networks

We support the use of different network on our platform because 'People respond better when they have options, and it is even better when those options align with things that they already do. - CEO Dominic Gabriel'

Low Gas Fees

thanks to its operation through a decentralized marketplace powered by blockchain. This means lower prices for customers, and bigger profits for our sellers - win-win!
Coming Soon!!!

Payment Integration Platform for Marketplaces and Apps


Exchange accounts are available in 100+ countries
Immediate release of payments
Extremely secure data encryption
Make seemless payment using our decentralized system
Low-cost transactions
Convenient dashboard to control your business

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